What I am made of? by Ishak

October 11, 2019


What I am made of?

I was raised by the biggest Castel opposite my old windows. 

I am from Taiz, the sound of motorcycles in the neighborhood. 

I am a piece of Arab origin. 

I was raised by historical country.

I am from the sound of video games coming from my nephew’s room each morning,

The smell of bent al Sahn made with flour, butter, and honey.

I was raised by a dad’s advice who made my morning greater. 

I am from the best morning with beautiful sunshine. 

I was raised by five minutes wasting my free time writing.

I am made of ambition and pride, 

I am made of sharing my opinion,

I am made of sharing my culture, 

I am made of sharing my ideas. 

I was raised by living together 

With my brother’s family, and my parents. 

I am from a family that hang out together. 

I am made of “try to do something before going to college, like Youtuber, programs, sports teams…” 

I was raised by the Sunset over the Island

I am from a view of Manhattan in the West

I am made of Verrazano Bridge view in the East

I was raised by hearing the ocean waves, and birds 

I was raised by fishing and reading a book, for passing my time there

I am made of my brothers who are the most coming with me

I am made of my older siblings’ advice

I was raised by teaching me what I should have done to my life

I am made of learning from their stories that taught me a lot of advice

I am made of sharing my obstacles to the other as advice. 
What I am made of?