She doesn’t remember
She doesn’t remember her first gift 
She doesn’t remember her first lift
She doesn’t remember her first day at school
She doesn’t remember punching her friend
She doesn’t remember what she did when she thought her life was going to end
She doesn’t remember being born
She doesn’t remember her first time eating popcorn

She doesn’t remember when she made a party
She doesn’t remember but she knows she was a smartie
She doesn’t remember being in pre-k
She doesn’t remember every single day

She doesn’t remember being born
She doesn’t remember being cut by a thorn
She doesn’t remember who she met first
She doesn’t remember this but her life could have been worse
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March 19, 2019 5:59 pm

Your poem was very deep going into so much detail about your life. I liked how it showed the good and bad that can happen in a persons life story. Parts such as when you were cut by a thorn were very engaging because of how you include the smallest thing yet it can have a big effect.

March 3, 2019 8:55 pm

This poem was very good and I think the concept you chose to write about is interesting. We never really remeber all the firsts we’ve had in our life just bits and peices. I especially like the end where you said, “She doesn’t remeber this but her life could have been worse.” It really puts in perspective the hardships we go through. Yes, it may have been a horrible experience but there’s others out there who may be experiencing hardship just as hard or even worse as us. Looking at life through this lenses helps us to see we’re not alone in our trials but to also count the many blessings we have. Here is a poem I think you will like about a girl experiencing different things for the First time. (Sorry the hyperlink wouldn’t work)
I really appreciated this poem and hope to read more things from you.

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