Throughout life we are faced with the word value. What it means to value things, what it does, how it helps us see things. But in the end life is a what if game. So what if we didn’t value human lives. Would there even be meaning to the word.  According to oxfords dictionary, the value means the regards that something is held to deserve, the importance, the worth, or usefulness of something.

With our current situation in the world it is clear to see the word value has gone down in its meaning. People are being killed over race, beliefs, or where they are from in the world. This is what people have come to stand for. As a society we claim to care for others but yet we cant even value the most of someones well being. Everyone deserve to feel wanted like they are worth it not to be discriminated against because of differences. In this article Mr. Feinberg was put in a situation where he had to determine the value of a human life. When it came down to it, he said that it wasn’t fair to determine a meaning of life that everyone has value and meaning. This also can go along with the bible. In this article it expresses quotes from the bible saying God made us and our lives to be cherished and guarded. We as humans dont have the right to the these rights away from someone. we are not God we dont get to decide whos worth it and whos not. We all just need to be able to love each other and except the differences.

No matter where we are in the world, every life has value and meaning. The world as we know it needs to change the way we see each other and accept the differences if not who knows how much longer anything will be valued. Valuing a life is just as big as loving one.


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