What does “America” mean? by Caton

March 16, 2019


What does “America” mean?

To me, the word “America” really means the country, not the people. I believe New York defines its residents or the Appalachians define their residents not the other way around. This leads America to not be people who define Americans, but America who defines people. While many people think America is defined by its diversity or freedom, it really defines others by these things. America is not diverse because its people are diverse, its people are diverse because America is diverse, the same goes with freedom. The video titled “Why America isn’t the greatest country the world any more” really shows how Americas people don’t make America with the quote “Belgium! Has freedom” he talks about how while america does have all these great things so do other countries, what he doesn’t talk about is the fact that America has the diversity that leads to the freedom to not just do whatever but to do whatever with whoever.

I believe American should mean respect.