What do you think about robot creatures? by Rosa

January 20, 2021


What do you think about robot creatures?

Imagine in the future living, and experiencing robot creatures. A U.S.-based technology firm has developed animatronic bottlenose dolphins that can swim in saltwater and respond to human movements. Those robots can live longer and are easier to maintain than a natural dolphin. All this began by two entrepreneurs in New Zealand were asked to design a Chinese aquarium, They dreamed up another way to entertain animal lovers so that’s how they came up with robot creatures. The designers teamed up with Edge, whose creators developed some of Hollywood’s most recognizable robotic animals, like those in Star Trek and Jurassic World films, to build a false dolphin robot that looks ultra-realistic. One Chinese firm has already committed to loading its tanks with robots, and, likely, fake dolphins will soon be used in other countries as marine parks around the world face pressure to end entertainment with live animals. “Roger Holzberg, one of the designers, told The Guardian, “We agree that it’s time to reimagine this business and that this solution will be more ethical and profitable at the same time.”