I stand for sexism in employment because I feel like I can connect to this social inequity, and people around me are affected too. Sexism in employment is a huge social problem because women get oppressed- which causes inequality in employment. Not having the same opportunities as men isolates women from society which creates a male dominant environment for everyone. Women will become more excluded from the work force which may possibly mean one, that society will be more male-dominant , two, women will become more inspired, or in many other cases discourage them to move up in the social ladder. This is an issue because if women are not given a chance to work and provide for themselves or families, they will have to depend on a man for support. In many cases men start to believe they are the only ones in power because they see that a woman is dependent to them. They will take advantage of that and force them to do things simply because the woman has no other choice. If women were given the same opportunities men received in being employed then there would not be a problem, women would become independent and be able to provide financial support.

Women in America have been subjected to social discrimination due to their gender. For instance, women in the workforce are seen as less capable of doing more than men, getting promoted, doing as much work as men do, or having the same quality/ quantity of work men produce. Nathan Bomey wrote a news article on 27 Sept. 2016 titled “Sexism in the workplace is worse than you thought,” in USA Today. He states, “At the entry level, 54% of workers are men and 46% are women. But at the manager level, 63% are men and 37% are women, and at the vice president level 71% are men and 29% are women.” In other words, women and men both get hired in similar rates, but men end up being promoted more than woman. Bomey also says, “They are less likely to get challenging assignments. Some 68% of men have taken on the toughest tasks, compared to 62% of women.” In other words, companies prefer to favor men to complete certain assignments, such as overwhelming projects that may require more effort and time. Companies also give women easy duties compared to men who are given work that requires more power and prestige that women may not have. Giving women smaller tasks than men and not promoting them to higher positions in the workforce are clear examples of sexism. Companies give men challenging tasks, which means that after they accomplish the tasks, they get recognized which results in getting promotion offers. But, if women are not given the opportunity to be part of challenging tasks, they would not be recognized by their efforts nor soon be asked for promotion.


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