What do we deserve as people living here in the United States? Should people be treated unfairly because of their race, sexuality or religion? I don’t think so. Like the human beings that we all are, we should all treat each other with respect and not mistreat anybody because of stupid reasons. As I am thinking about this question “ WHAT RIGHTS SHOULD PEOPLE LIVING IN THE UNITED STATES HAVE?.”  The first thing that I thought about when I heard this question was my parents. I remember when both of my parents told me their stories about how much they suffered in the desert while coming to the US. I always thank them for the sacrifice that they made for me and my brother, so we could have a better life. And for them too because they wanted to find another opportunity to reach their dreams. I think that people like my parents shouldn’t be mistreated only because they wanted to have a better future in this country. I think that people who live here in the US like my parents should have the rights to build a future freely without worrying about other people.

According to the reconstruction era, people tried their best to have the equal right no matter race, sexuality, or religion. The Freedmen’s Bureau was an act during the reconstruction era created in 1865. This act was passed on March 3, 1865, in order to aid former slaves though food, housing, and education. This showed that African-Americans had rights because they had education, food, and housing after the civil war. Another act that happens during the Reconstruction Era was the black codes. The Black Codes were laws that were passed by the southern states after the civil war with the intention and the affection of restricting African American slaves their freedom and to make them work in a labor economy with a low wage. This shows that in even though African-Americans were “freed” they weren’t really free because they didn’t have the right to speak up and to say their opinions. According to these acts and laws, African-Americans were mistreated only because of their race. Thank god that today we are not focusing on slavery because it would’ve been awful.

Events that are similar to the black codes and the freedmen’s bureau today are that people are discriminating transgenders and immigrants. For example, a was in prison for four years only because she was transgender. When she was in prison she got raped, beaten, and threatened to death. After she got out of prison she felt scared of who she was. She didn’t know what to do after she got out of prison. This is the reason why I’m saying that people should accept everybody so people like Ashely won’t feel scared of being outside and be secure of who she is. Another example is that all of the immigrants that Hispanics right now are confused and worried because they don’t know if they are going to be deported. Donald Trump is taking all of the immigrants and residents worker permit. I don’t think that’s fair because they’re some people that really want to work in this country to earn money to take care of their families. In the middle of 2017, Donald Trump said that he was going to build a wall so no more people could come to the United States. He also said that all of the Hispanics are criminals and drug dealers and that is not true.That is offending us because everybody knows that isn’t true.

That’s why I think that people should get equal rights so everybody would treat each other with respect and that there would be no more discrimination against our nation.


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  1. Anthony 3 years ago

    Thank you for your post I found it to be very compelling! I agree with you that “people should have equal rights so everybody would treat each other with respect.” I also agree that the importance of equality and human rights to your organisation. Equality and human rights are core to achieving national and local performance outcomes which aim to improve the quality of life and opportunities for all people across the world. Here is a website that I think you might enjoy!


  2. NIki 3 years ago

    I think that this post is very thought provoking and is a great example of the stigma and issues that Trump is causing. He is making americans feel unsafe purely because of who they are. I think that america as a whole should take a second look at how we view minorities and make this a better place for them because america was a melting pot to get away from places that didnt accept people and have the “american dream”.


  3. Treyvon 3 years ago

    Hello Brenda,
    Fantastic article. You write with a passion that is clearly expressed throughout the writing and you provide many potential points of interest to draw the reader in. It is clear that there are societal norms and standards that people will discriminate against specific races, but just because it is regularly done does not make it humane. Denying people from rights simply because they differ physically from another race is not a valid reason. I really appreciated your article and thank you for sharing your opinion on this issue. Great Job!

  4. Tanner 3 years ago

    Hi Brenda,
    I loved reading this article. I liked how you compared recent laws from the past to the present that were discriminating; like the Black Codes and the transgender ban in the military. As the media talks about immigration, we all have heard what each party wants to do. One side wants stricter immigration laws and the other wants little immigration law. Do you think there are laws and policies that the parties can both agree? Is there a way that laws and policies can be both strict, yet help immigrants become citizens and fulfill their goals for a better life? I would love to hear your opinion!

  5. Erica 3 years ago


    I found your post very interesting. Specifically when you said “This is the reason why I’m saying that people should accept everybody so people like Ashely won’t feel scared of being outside and be secure of who she is. Another example is that all of the immigrants that Hispanics right now are confused and worried because they don’t know if they are going to be deported.” I agree that our government needs to make a change and that social changes as well will help people feel more included in the United States. You bring up many good points about the United States’ past, as well as current events. I would like to read more about this subject and I look forward to reading your next post.

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