I remember enjoying life as a kid and not having to worry about being the odd one out 
I remember going to those medieval festivals around my neighborhood and eating funnel cakes every time I went 
I remember the cold winter days where I would go to my swimming lessons after school and coming out freezing 
I remember the fear i had during my swimming lessons, which was that if water goes in my ears I would go deaf
I remember finding my favorite sport and knowing what I’m good at which is soccer
I remember how fun it was hanging out with my small group of friends 
I remember the hot summer days where I would take trips to water parks upstate Jersey 
I remember the times my aunt would take a trip from Mexico to come see me and my family and how I would ask her to brings all these delicious snacks/food to devour 
I remember how fun it was playing “little big planet” on my ps3 on those warm Saturday mornings and just enjoying life
I remember finally getting a good quality phone after always getting a device that was passed down from my mom or dad

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May 18, 2021 11:28 pm

Dear Emmanuel,
I am proud of your writing because it is listing all the memories you had as a young child. This also taught me that we should take advantage of life when we are young because we only get to experience it once. I also found very attracive the part that lists how you had a fear of your swimming classes which is something I have been facing for a good while. I believe that their should be an organization in which children get to face their fears and not be scared to try something.

Thanks for your writing. I look foward to seeing what you you write next, because this topic could impact many´s lives. I hope you really could make an organization to help these kids out. I think that this will get so many people to join since it is a tough topic. Keep writing and letting us know youre experiences.

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