What do children go through during war? by Yuliana

October 6, 2016


What do children go through during war?

I read parts of A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah. The book is about a boy soldier who is involved in war and is persuaded to kill people.

One part of the book that I think is very significant is his brother and friends flee away from the war. On their journey, they realize that they have left their families and have to depend on one another. Through their journey, they suffer from the lack of food and water.

They move about every day in order to avoid getting caught. During their journey, a man gives them food, water, and shelter for the night. The next day they are forced to leave due to soldiers coming for them. A lady gives them dried fish and water for their journey. While starting their journey they get caught by the soldiers and are forced to be undressed by the leader.  

Many people do not know what children go through during war-time.

Realizing that many people who face war in their hometown is not easy to survive and lack food, water, and shelter makes it even harder.

Image: Deviant Art, Alexa1600