What defines someone as good person? by Cheryl

October 18, 2017


What defines someone as good person?

Many of us throughout our lives ask this question and wonder to ourselves if we are that good person.

When asking someone what makes a good person, you’ll find that many people will say many different things. You may simply never know what a truly good person looks life. I believe goof is defined in the way you want it defined. Looking up the word good on google, the one definition that struck out to me was “to be approved of”. In my opinion there’s no one way this can be an accurate definition. Growing up in a religious family and learning much about significant Catholic figures, I’ve come to learn that being accepted by others has nothing to do with whether or not you’re a good person. Many people throughout our history have committed their lives to service for others and get disapproved of quite often.

With this definition simply not giving me an answer I turned to what I believed was the correct way to define good. To me it is the willingness to produce or act in ways that better society and enlighten the hearts of those around us. In choosing to do the good in our world, we can learn what is wrong. Through making wrong choices we become better people. I believe one of the only ways to be good is to knowing every aspect of good and bad  and what it can bring into your life. We all must find our way to the good somehow. Everyone is a good person and we all have the capacity to produce things that better the hearts of everyone. 

I found a list of reasons of what makes you a good person. Start checking them off slowly and if all of them aren’t completed (some of them may never be), it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. Be positive and start considering the things you can do to be better!!

Take this mini test to see how good of a person you are!! 

What makes someone a good person?