What Climate Change Is Doing to Our Oceans by Felipe

October 20, 2021


What Climate Change Is Doing to Our Oceans

In the article “Coral Reefs Show Damage From Climate Change” (McGraw Hill) I learned that coral reefs are dying out because of climate change. This is a horrible situation because fish need the coral reef to survive they eat them, we need coral reefs because they help protect and shield coastlines from storms. What’s even crazier to me is that the world has lost more than 14 percent of its total amount of coral reefs from 2008-2015. This is because of climate change, the warm temperatures of the ocean’s water prevent the coral reef to rebuild its skeleton. It makes it harder for the coral reef to rebuild its skeleton because the algae comes off easier in the heat and if they have no more algae then they die.

What do you think should be done about this coral reef situation?

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I think what is happening with the coral reef is a big problem. It’s hard to believe that climate change is doing this to our oceans and our coral reef. Just imagine how our oceans would be without coral reefs, a lot of fish would probably die or would have to adapt to a new source of food. We should do something about it while we still can if we don’t just think how our oceans would be sea levels would increase by a lot and the temperatures of oceans would also change making it difficult for sea creatures to adapt to a new environment.