The article discusses the potential consequences of climate change by the year 2050 if significant actions are not taken to address the issue. It mentions that temperatures could increase by 3-5 degrees Celsius, causing more frequent heat waves, wildfires, and droughts. Sea levels could rise by up to 1.2 meters, causing flooding in coastal areas, and causing millions of people to be displaced. The article also highlights how climate change could impact agriculture, food security, and public health. It emphasizes the urgent need for collective action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prevent the worst-case scenarios of climate change from becoming a reality. The author lays out a very simple, but long commitment plan to reverse the damage, and that is reducing emissions by 50% each decade for the next 5 decades. We would accomplish this by removing fossil fuels as a form of energy and moving purely to renewable energy. We would also have to go vegan among many other things. At the cost of living a long healthy life, it is all worth it, and it all starts with that we do now.

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October 20, 2023 3:17 pm

Climate change and its effects is something that has always interested me and I knew it was a problem but I never realized it could be this big of a problem in only 50 years. That is pretty scary because thats in our lifetime that this could start to happen. It worries me for what would the world will look like for the net generation. Like you mentioned in the post we will need to drastically change a lot of things in our society but my question would be do you think that will actually happen? Because there are so many people who either don’t really care or don’t believe in climate change. I found this article interesting, it shows statistics on the percentage of Americans who believe in climate change and what they think the causes are.

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