Technology is everywhere, I feel like we are 24/7 having an interaction with anything that is technology, whether is our phones, cars or anything that involves technology. In teens, phones are the number one technology device we tend to be addicted to. We spend so much time on our phones and on social media that we sometimes forget the real importance of socializing and interacting face to face with people.

Technology has evolve and changed dramatically since the 90s, but sometimes I wonder how this generation will do without the advanced of technology, since we became dependent of it. I did a survey in 2015, that asked 1. how many times you spend on your phone? a. less than 10 h , b.more than 15 h, and found out that 90% of teens I’ve asked said they use their phones more than 15 h a day. I’m part of the 90% too, cause i basically do everything with my phone. Technology have positive and negative impacts on students,  “Technology can help students with their studies, however, on the other hand, overusing technology can be quite harmful in several ways.”

For that reasons we should be more careful and conscious of how we use technology so that it does not interfere in some ways or control our daily life. Donna Orem   argued  how “some worry that the ever-expanding obsession with technology may be more harmful, particularly for teen mental health.” which emphasis with the question of what extreme do we need technology if we use it as a tool to hurt ourselves of others.




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