I am a senior and after graduating high school I will go to college. A lot of people during college years move out of their parents house and start living alone.

I think moving out of my parents house isn’t the best idea because I will need money to pay for rent of the apartment, gas, electricity, internet, water and parking lot. And for all that I will need to pay by myself without my parents help, and I will not be able to afford it even if I will have a job.

It’s better to live for a couple more years with my parents and save up a good amount of money and then move out and rent an apartment or buy a house because it will make me more financially independent and will be financially stable. “People who moved out of the parental home at 21-24 had the best outcome in terms of their income and asset wealth when they reached the ages of 35-54. That means that if I move out this year or next year I will have a lower chance to have a high income,” according to news.com

But there are also good reasons to move out, they are: I will have more liberty to make my own choices and enjoy the lifestyle I always wanted, I will learn how to be independent and I will have more privacy. “Moving out of home puts both your emotional strength and your real life skills to the test. It presents enormous challenges that require a lot of resourcefulness and resolution to overcome. Therefore, when you find a way to successfully solve any problem you encounter, to overcome any difficulty you are faced with, to achieve your ambitions and firmly follow your chosen path in life, your self-confidence and your self-esteem will definitely increase a great deal,” according to mymovingreviews.com

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Van Man
Van Man
January 15, 2023 12:27 pm

Mid twenties is about the average age of moving out of parents home, leaving the parental home early for the sake of it is not such a good idea, save up so the move out can be made on a solid basis.

November 15, 2021 9:35 pm

Great comment, Murad. I agree that moving out two to three years later is a good idea so you could save money. I am personally scared to move out because then it would hit me that I have to be an adult. But at the same time I feel like moving out would be really good for me. Having freedom to do what I want when I want.

November 15, 2021 9:12 pm

Murad, there is so much I can agree with and relate too. Moving out is pliably not always the best idea but a good way to start learning on your own. I always thought to move out when I was 18 and as soon as i was 18 I wasn’t stable enough to go out to eat. Making new choices when moving out seems very fun but the same time its so scary because what if I dont make the right choose or if I get scared last minute. I always try to make my own choices but still get scared to make them. I believe moving out needs money but also good life choices the wont leave you in trouble or homeless.

Dominick M
October 27, 2021 5:11 pm

Name: Dominick 
Dear Murad ,
I am satisfied with your introduction because it’s true people do move from their parents home and they start to make a life. I’m going to be scared to move out of my parents home because who knows what life has planned for me.
One thing I learned from your writing that stood out for me is: “ I think moving out of my parents home isn’t the best idea ” . I think this is interesting because paying for the rent and the rest of the things will be hard, you’re going to be working hard earning your money then paying bills and rent. But it can show you how hard other people have to work so they can live on their own.
Your writing connects to my own experience. For me, because I want to go to college but I’m afraid that I’ll mess up. But just like you said, save up money so you can rent an apartment or buy a house. But there are a couple of things that you’re right about like moving out will challenge you and put your skills to the test.
Thanks for your work on Youth Voices. I look forward to seeing what you write next because your writing had a lot of facts about whether it’s not a great idea to move out of your parents home, or it’s great to move out. I look forward to reading what else you write about.

October 20, 2021 5:13 pm

Being in the same position as you, this is a decision that I am going to have to make as well. Something interesting is that the idea of children leaving the home at the age of 18, just at the precipice of adulthood, is an idea fairly unique to the US and the idea of freedom. For instance, in Latin countries, it’s completely normal for someone to remain in their parent’s home until the age of 25, if not later. This can make the decision a little less stressful.

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