CUB 2021 English on the map...

...and up close!  becomes a home for all as Mr. Allison explains...

Robyn, as a new CUB student, what did you think?

Please turn the sound on (top right corner)

Adding to the mix, what does that do for students?

Robyn, how did Now Comment and The Adoption work for you?


And how would you explain the Kumospace experience, Robyn?

It all comes down to this -  you either stand out with a voice or you blend in with the noise, with these tools and examining the habits of Mind, CUB and Youth Voices combined to give you a platform, now and into the future, to stand out rather than blend in.

Rising 10th and 11th  graders, thanks for showing you have the grit to try new things outside of the Zoom box, this will follow you in the future - Robyn - What stuck  with you from these experiences?

This web story was made within Youth voices and don't hesitate to see the fabulous job Robyn did as well.  Thank you for MC'ing this summary of English CUB 2021,  Robyn!