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As a country, we should ban or reduce unnecessary single-use plastics like water bottles, plastic bags, food wrappers and much more. Instead, we should replace plastic with alternatives for these products such as cardboard and glass.

Plastic may not be the greatest creation to mankind, yes it may benefit us but not the planet. In the near 1940 plastic production began to rise due to the world war II. Many civilians thought plastic as a new easy way to live when they start advertising for utensils, cups, and plates, all made out of plastic. They advertise these products as disposable which made people fancy them much more(Anastasia 15). Though many were happy about the new invention, the planet not so well. After several years, later plastic started to pile up in landfills, oceans, and even in animal’s stomachs. Many debates if we should ban all single-use plastic or ban a few single plastics we really need the most.

Banning single-use plastic is great for the environment and ourselves but there are occupations that need certain types of single-use plastics to help save lives. Medicine really determined on single-use plastic to control infections and also to research new diseases. There aren’t many alternatives for the medicine to use, using an alternative such as glass may be limited and may cost more to handle the equipment. Not only medicine need single-use plastics but scientist as well. Scientists help us and many other problems that are happening. Using these single-use products can help stop cross contamination.

Many people would ban all single-use plastics due to the majority going to the ocean and contaminating marine life. Majority of which is 40% of it goes to the ocean (Anastasia pg1). Many people are now making a move to reduce their usage of single-use plastic like not asking a straw or start to use biodegradable alternatives. Which is good because it’ll make a huge impact on the planet, little by little, but there’s one problem, water bottles. Water bottles or any plastic container that store a liquid is very harmful. We buy these products and they’re consumed a few minutes after we grab them. These plastic containers, later on, find their way to a landfill or the ocean.

I believe we should use single plastics that’ll help us (medical-wise). Banning all single-use plastics is very good to get a step closer to saving the planet but there are occupations that save lives by using single-use plastic. I like the idea of banning certain types of plastic according to the experts of this article, “What Plastic Item Would You Love To Ban? 15 Ocean Experts (And TED Speakers) Tell Us.” by Silva Cynthia, These experts know which plastic harms the environment more and surprisingly the most requested plastic to be ban is Microbeads. We can also help out by reducing our usage of plastic like not buying water bottles or plastic bags and we can educate others as well (Hutchinson pg 1-2).

In conclusion, I believe we can use single plastics for occupations that rely on it and should ban single-use products to the public like unnecessary wrappers for some food items or bottles that’ll be consumed in a mere of seconds. We can help by reducing our usage and volunteer to cleanups and educate others how much plastic will make a huge negative impact (Hutchinson pg3).


A teen from California

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