We Pray by Dawning

January 13, 2022


We Pray

In the dawn of day

We pray

We pray so our families feel safe 

So that one’s happiness may not be overshadowed by anger and frustration

We pray to feel loved 

And cherished 

And to bring about certainty and prosperity in life

We conquer with love and warmth

Pureness which sets in the morning sunshine 

Luminescing its warm glowing feel

Sparkling within our eyes

At the time, it feels like nothing can shatter our joy

No darkness lurking about 

No feeling of uncertainty or fear

Just innocence and freedom roaming through the course of our veins

And the feeling of a cool summers breeze blowing against our face

And the sweet cotton candy smell of flowers sprouting from the ground

We have the power and control to do whatever our decisive poetic minds want

Our decisions impact the world, good or bad

But good will always trump evil intentions 

And if mistakes occur

We will counteract with good intention 

As long as we believe and feel the peace

We are one 

We are the future

And when night falls

We pray once more

So that darkness doesn’t corrupt what little good we accomplished today

Tomorrow will be another day of believing and finding our inner peace

As we come together as missing puzzle pieces 

Inspired by Amanda Gorman, “The Hill We Climb.”