I  was very shocked to discover that Donald Trump is going to be the president for four years, maybe more. I did, indeed, want Trump to win, but not because he is amazing, but because I do not like Clinton politically in the slightest.  I believe she is a liar and unfit for the presidency.

On election night as I watched the polls, Donald was leading by a lot. Then at one short period of time, Hillary was leading. I wouldn’t  say I was happy or relieved, I just expected it.  Then Donald regained the lead. He then began to receive more and more votes until it was obvious that Hillary would not win this election.

Still, I sit here in pure and utter shock. Now that I know Trump is President, I can imagine life as an American, or at least try to.I feel that if Trump does some of the things he says he will, then we could be all right as a country.  Not the bad or racist-seeming proposals, but the ones about bringing jobs back to America or defeating ISIS.  I do not agree with his idea to deport all illegal immigrants.

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November 29, 2016 6:11 pm

Dear Jayna,
I am totally with you. I didn’t like the fact that Hillary was going to be president neither Trump. Donald Trump won and I didn’t expect that. I was in shock in the first moment. I didn’t know how to react. No way I could accept that but there’s nothings I can do about it. In Mexico all the people thought that it was literally the end of the world but, we don’t know. Maybe he’s not so bad and will make the things the right way.

November 22, 2016 2:20 am

Dear Jayna,

I’m not super fancy and spend my time writing long pieces of feedback, but i want to review your post with you.

I want to start by saying that I was and am with her. When i saw the results and realized that Donald Trump was going to be our next president of the United States of America, honest to God, I swear, a thought hit me like the frying pan in the movie “Tangled”. I was paralyzed and the thought that occurred to me and hit me with such force was my vision of the country during Trump’s term. I was suddenly at the beach and i was running around wildly, destroying everything. i stomped on little kids’ sand castles. then when i was satisfied, i picked up a gigantic fistful of sand and devilishly watched it crumble into pieces to be washed away by the sea, forever to be forgotten.

That was my exact thought. I mean, ideally, would you elect someone who in the past and may still have email scams or someone who is extremely racist, biased against women, treats them like a thing, threatens to throw his opponent in jail if he runs office, wants to build a wall to separate Mexicans from Americans, call Mexicans/Latinos/Hispanics rapists, wants to cleanse America of illegal immigrants/muslims, and someone who idolizes Putin?? I’m not going to question your intellect, but i just want to say that the answer is pretty clear.

However, i agree with you in a way. i knew that Trump was going to win one way or another. i had some hope and faith that Hillary might win but it was as if when every American who watched the election sat down to watch, that they signed [to expect trump to win. Nevertheless, Hillary would’ve been a much better candidate partly because of her experience. so ha.


Reply to  Alyssa
November 22, 2016 2:23 am

also, i wanna say, #kanyeforprez2022

November 22, 2016 1:02 am

Hi Jayna,
I will begin by saying that I supported Hillary Clinton for President. I am an African American and I felt particularly threatened by some of Donald Trump’s proposals. You said that you hope the “bad or racist-seeming proposals” don’t become law. While I respect that you can identify some issues with your candidate I think it is important to remember that when we select a candidate we are selecting all of their policies and beliefs, not just a select few. That being said, it is not Trump’s policies that particularly concern me; it is the fact that the massive racist generalizations he has made on the campaign trail have become main-stream and normalized. I find that when people are constantly told that blacks are all poor or all muslims are dangerous then they start to believe these things. When people have these preconceptions about certain groups of people they use those beliefs to justify policies that can be truly damaging. Prior to the civil rights movement many white people genuinely believed that blacks were less educated, inherently lazy and dangerous. Whether or not statistics can prove that african americans are generally less educated or generally commit more crimes is irrelevant. When everybody thinks that a person is inherently more dangerous then they begin to support policies like mass incarceration which has only worsened the situation. I hope that we can address and correct the rhetoric present during this election season because I fear that the state of “race relations” will soon become more violent and divisive than ever before.

November 22, 2016 12:20 am

Dear Jayna:

I am not too upset about your post, “We could be all right,” because I’m pro Clinton but I’m more of near the middle. Although Trump wants to build a wall and deport illegal immigrants which I totally disagree with, I feel like his other policies are pretty good. Both of them have pros and cons for each other, Clinton is a more experienced politician but we have Benghazi and the emails. Trump has some good ideas but he’s inexperienced and he has some other pretty outrageous policies.

One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “ I believe she is a liar and unfit for the presidency.” I think this is true because she has stated some lies but I think she would be a better president than Trump because Trump has no experience. All he really does it take what people fear and he tries to fix it. And many people fear illegal immigrants and terrorists.

Another sentence that I agreed with was: “Not the bad or racist-seeming proposals, but the ones about bringing jobs back to America or defeating ISIS. ” This stood out for me because it really shows my point. In my opinion, I like and dislike each one of these politicians and Trump’s strategy was to take the things that people feared the most and put a change to it. If he does do some of the these things, except banning illegal immigrants and things related to that, I think he won’t be a bad president.

I do agree with you that Trump has some good ideas and we will just have to wait to see if he can actually do these things. One reason I say this is that he does have good ideas, but they are pretty outrageous. It would be hard to defeat ISIS in just four years(or maybe more) and it might also take a longer period of time to bring back jobs. Another reason I agree with you is that Trump’s other ideas on deporting illegal immigrants is wrong. A lot of people like me have two opinions on the candidates. Many people voted for Trump, just because they wanted back jobs and they wanted taxes lowered.

Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I see that our opinions are pretty similar and we both have positive and negative thoughts about Trump. All we can do is see what he can do in the next four years. However, I think we still have to support our president, I mean he’s going to be the leader of our nation for four or even eight years and we can’t just not support him, because there really is no other side currently since there is no more candidate opposing him.

November 22, 2016 12:19 am

Dear Jayna,

I am in full agreement with your post “We Could Be All Right” because hopefully Trump will get to doing the better things he has promised in his campaign. I personally think Trump’s mouth runs faster than his brain, and he feels inclined to just blurt things out. He may have said very racist and sexist things, but he can still be vetoed. He doesn’t have the full authority to just do everything he wants to.

One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “Not the bad or racist-seeming proposals, but the ones about bringing jobs back to America or defeating ISIS. I do not agree with his idea to deport all illegal immigrants.” I think this is smart because we can actually become a better country if he brings back jobs and defeats ISIS. I don’t think he should deport all illegal immigrants, but how is it possible to distinguish between the very dangerous, murderous people fleeing from justice or the innocents just trying to build a better life for themselves and family?

Another sentence that I liked was: “Still, I sit here in pure and utter shock.” This stood out for me because it is exactly how I felt. I was utterly blindsided, and I had about fifty texts warning me about impending doom. Melodramatic, but understandably frantic.

I do agree with you about the expecting part. One reason I say this is because I just had this gut feeling that Trump would end up winning. Clearly, Americans are just not ready for a female president yet. Another reason I agree with you is when you say we will be all right as a country. I think we might actually survive this. However, one thing we might have to worry about is how he’ll go about dealing with peace treaties . . .

Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I feel like I understood your post. You wrote a lot of things I’ve been thinking for a while.


November 22, 2016 12:15 am

I too was surprised by the results of the election. Regardless of what anyone says, Donald Trump is the next president of the United States, and we should be looking hopeful toward the future. As time progresses, Trump has already made way in selecting his cabinet (earlier than Obama or Bush did), and working on policy proposals. For example, he plans to give mothers paid maternity leave. This, I believe shows his readiness and commitment to the American people. I believe he is going to work hard, and do what he can for the country. Those who believe that the American people are in the dark when it comes to his presidency and what he plans to do, are not broadening their view to all sources of media/news. Although, pertaining to your essay in general, why do you support Trump? I respect your opinion, and believe you have valid reason to support him, but your essay could use some more bulk. With a title like “We could be all right”, your readers are going to be expecting some sort of factual evidence.

November 21, 2016 11:08 pm

Dear Jayna,

I am very sad about, Donald Trump winning this election. I disagree with your post, “We could be all right,” because I feel that America will not be “all right” with a president that does not represent America as a whole. For example, Trump is known for saying racist, sexist and homophobic slurrs. This is negative because no one deserves to be talked about like that and, how can he represent America when most of the population is made up of the people he targets.

One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “ Not the bad or racist-seeming proposals, but the ones about bringing jobs back to America or defeating ISIS. I do not agree with his idea to deport all illegal immigrants.” I think that is good that you do not support the cruel comments he makes, but if you support someone, then you should believe that they are going to do everything they claim they are going to do. That includes deporting all illegal immigrants.

Another sentence that I agreed with was: “ I was very shocked to discover that Donald Trump is going to be the president for four years, maybe more” This stood out for me because it came as such a surprise that someone who insulted more than half the population could be voted president.

I don’t agree with you that he will bring jobs back to America. One reason I say this is because he never explained how.

Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I enjoy reading your posts.


November 21, 2016 2:45 am

Hi Jayna,
I think it’s great that you’re voicing your political beliefs and stand points, I just wish you would explain more which of Trump’s policies you support and agree with. Personally, I haven’t heard any of his specific policies or plans to implement the issues he discussed during his campaign, so I feel completely in the dark on what his presidency will be like. I just would like to better understand this sort of mindset.

November 20, 2016 7:58 pm

Hello Jayna,
What do you mean when you say Clinton is a liar and unfit for Office? Do you know of an honest politician? I do not. In regards to the rate of lying between Clinton and Trump, Clinton is significantly lower than Trump. Maybe it’s that she lied about bigger things than Trump? I could potentially buy that, but I have not seen real suggestive evidence. On the subject of Clinton being “unfit” fro presidency, where do you get that information? I was under the impression that Clinton had served in government for over 12 years. I disagree with a lot of Clinton’s decisions, but it ignores facts to think that she is unfit for office. Trump’s political success was a result of two of his motifs: racism and anti-establishment. Even if you disagree with all of Trump’s racist and sexist comments, a large portion of his polices are rooted in those beliefs along with his appointments. You cannot ignore this or say that he is just being politically incorrect. Trump’s other motif is anti-establishment. However his anti-establishment is not consistent. He suggests all these polices that help and even promote the elitism of the capitalist economy.
However, I am hopeful that Trump will completely change his polices and direction, and move forward. This is insensible optimism as Trump’s appointments are anything but that. None the less I still hope. Or, maybe there will be so much chaos that real impactful change happens after his term. Who knows right?
To clarify, I am not blindly for or against any of the candidates, I like to know the problems of all of them and understand there position critically.
Here is my real question: Why do you support Trump?

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