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January 23, 2020 12:38 am

Dear Jimmy:

I am excited that you decided to write “Was President Trump’s reaction to Iran justified?” because I think relations with Iran may prove to be a central focus in foreign policy in the new future. I think this will continue to be the case as the restart their nuclear program because of Trump decision to cut off foreign relations.

One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “Iran has been playing the US for a while now and no-one has done anything about it, making them think it’s ok.” I think this is an ill-informed and oversimplified view of the matter because it fails to take into account past administrations and other allies successful negotiations with the regime. Yes Iran is an oppressive state, but that doesn’t justify inflaming tensions to the point of war with Iran

Another sentence that I questioned was: “ Something no-one else had the guts to do, except our President, Donald Trump. ” This stood out for me because there was no personal courage or sacrifice on the part of the President in the killing of Soleimani. The people that have to pay the consequence for the needless escalation are the U.S. servicemen and women who will have to fight the war, and Irani civilians who are under the brow of the regime. Trump is not going to fight in the war, he avoided fighting in the Vietnam War despite draft. The cost of Trump’s pet war will be paid in the blood of our brave military.

As you probably could tell, I don’t agree with you that Trumps killing of Soleimani was justified. One reason I say this is it circumvented diplomatic relations, posing unnecessary costs both in the form of money and lives. Another reason I disagree with you is the result of the attack was the reinstating of the Iran nuclear program, which will only make Iran more powerful. Someone else will fill Soleimani’s shoes but they will be made a lot more powerful with Iran’s construction of nukes

Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because you seem to be very passionate and have strong opinions. I hope that you learn to do full contextualized research instead of taking talking points out of the Presidents mouth

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