The similarities between Frida Kahlo and Wangari Maathai show that both women are important. Frida Kahlo was a Mexican artist and Wangari Maathai was a pioneer, an African Woman, a mother, an environmentalist, and a global citizen. Wangari was celebrated with a Nobel Peace Prize for her holistic approach in planting trees and saving the environment. Frida’s paintings reflected every emotion, every episode, every hope and fear. Wangari observed how her father took care of planting and also the sun, the air, and the rain for the plant to grow. Frida had polio when she was six and it kept her bridridden for nine long months, but it didn’t let that stop her and she got inner strength and knew she could do anything she put her mind to. Frida styled herself “the daughter of Revolution” , forming a group of thinkers, and rebels. She faced the glare of publicity confident and defiantly authentic to the last in the colorful cocoon of her childhood home, La Casa Azul. Everyone knew her for her idealism, to value equality. Wangari came to understand the connection between mankind and nature, people and nations. Wangari traveled and enrolled in a school. She didn’t know how to interact with students but she realized that even though the students are different, they were connected through their passion for learning. She returned to Kenya to put her knowledge to good use. She then founded the Green Belt Movement. She empowered people to regroup and reconnect with the land. People were able to earn a living from their efforts. Her message of hope and healing was heard far and wide, but her government refused to help. They branded her crazy and threw her in jail. Yet she knew that freedom, like all of nature, must be cultivated or it will die. She saw a better future for Kenya and everyone. Both women want to change the world in any way possible to seek a better future for everyone. 

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