June 27, 2016


Dear President:


There’s a lot of issues happening in our country, but I want to talk about one in particular that not only affects me but a lot of people. I want to talk to you about the hourly minimum wage and how it affects us all.


As I was growing up I didn’t really pay attention to how minimum wage could ever affect me until I started to work. Throughout my work years I have experienced two minimum wage increases and It has affected me in a negative way. You might ask yourself how? If the increase is supposed to help but in fact it does not! As the wage increases everything else seems to increase in price. A dollar increase its only $80.00 more in our pay check. At first people think it’s great but they don’t take into account how much of that increase you are actually going to keep. And you also have to consider when the prices increase you are going to be spending more to get your everyday items. The increase can put you in a different tax bracket which results more money being taken out. I personally didn’t get to keep any of it; why? One example is because of taxes, sometimes I think you increase the wage so you can tax us more to increase your pay.I say this because I don’t really see the money being put to use. I don’t see schools, health care, or parks improving.


Minimum wage also has a negative effect in a way of the people who have worked at their jobs for a while and have earned their raise. Some people have earned to be above the minimum mark. But when the wage increases their pay sadly doesn’t, so a person that has just started is making the same amount as others without having to do anything to earn it. I have seen people quit because of this, I think if someone who is making above the minimum if the wage increases their wage should be compensated for that increase as well. So they can feel valued and that their hard work is paying off. At one of my jobs that was the case and it made me angry, I felt unappreciated, I thought to myself “why work so hard to earn your raise, when the wage increases all your hard work would be for nothing”.


Another negative impact is people tend to get lazy and not think about higher education. The minimum wage should be left alone as a standard for people to think to themselves “Do I really want to live off this wage”? It should motivate people to acquire skills so they get a job that pays above the minimum. And not just think of the wage will increase so I will make as much as this guy that worked hard to get a raise and I won’t have to do anything.


To make my point clear is I don’t want the minimum wage to increase. It causes hardships and struggles. I have a lot of personal experiences I could use as examples for this but I’ll keep it brief. When the minimum wage increases prices go up. I didn’t know how or even what a budget was until the wage in my state of California increased to $9.00 hour. It was difficult times because prices increased and that $80.00 increase in my paycheck didn’t really help me. Once i budgeted everything out the increase affected me negatively because gas went up, groceries increased, eating out was now a luxury for me. I had to figure a way to cut my expenses to have money left over.


What I want is for the minimum wage not to be increased so people can see it as motivation. So they can seek a higher education and to be motivated to not want to live off a job that pays minimum wage.I understand that some people are stuck at their jobs so they should try and find a way to increase their wage. Also it helps people to want to try and work hard to get a raise. So please consider what I talked to you about in this letter before the minimum wage increases again.




Abraham Jimenez

Chico State Student

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