My name is Abdullah Nasher and it is important to know that I speak Arabic. I was born in 2002. I lived in a city called Ibb in Yemen until I was 14. I like playing soccer. I’m good in soccer, and I got that by training. My plan is to play soccer on a professional soccer team.

My life changed when I immigrated one year ago, and it changed in speaking another language as English. My family structure changed when I immigrated with my brother, father, and my mom, but we left my sisters with my uncle’s family in Yemen. It wasn’t a positive change.  I feel good when I speak those languages because now I am bilingual.

I witnessed an injustice when people were killed. I saw that in the media. It was in a city called Myanmar (Burma.). It was unfair because the people were killed because they practiced another religion. In my opinion, this is unfair because anyone can practice any religion.



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  1. Eclas 2 years ago

    I love how you went in deep about your experience with your religion, it takes a strong person to stand out and talk about a situation like that. I also have trouble with my religion in this nation. I’m Somalian and proud and everyone always wants to be racist or mad dog me because of my scarf. I keep strong and its crazy how people are dying because of their religion.

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