Vox Pop with Ms. Garcia by Siree

June 2, 2017


Vox Pop with Ms. Garcia

[iframe src=”https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz_a0rasiuyraThhcjFMUzU2ejJ3SnFrMHJnMkNxZWJ1WXY4/preview” width=”640″ height=”480″]

This interview took place downstairs in the lobby of Pulse high school in front of the security desk on the 1st floor . There was no audience it was just me and her .  The person I Interviewed was Ms.Garcia who was a Security guard at Pulse high school. One of thing she talked about was education .

“ I didn’t have no father no mother my grandmother was there for me”

Hearing this quote me me realize that i myself didn’t have my parents to be there for me they always looked down on me always said that i would be a failure. It means that when you don’t have your parents to motivate you it’s hard to focus that’s why you find someone who would be there for you . Ms garcia grandmother was there for her just like how my boyfriend is there for me , she didn’t let her parents not being there interfere with her education even more

Another quote that stuck out to me from interviewing Ms. Garcia in pulse high school was Ms Garcia on May 1st 2017 said .

“It gives you an advance it makes you fulfill your goals when you study hard you achieve everything you’re looking for “

Seeing this quote again i see how what are people’s opinions on education and how it was like for them back then compare to now. It opens my eyes because this quote is saying that education means take whatever knowledge you learn and take advantage of it . If there’s other open opportunities take because as you grow older you see everything you study for pays off . When you achieve your goal you worked hard. Education is the key to your future you have to be educated to get through this life .Now keeping in mind i did agree with ms Garcia when she explained what education meant to her