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I found an article for fashion because I love fashion I went on the website Vogue and the article is about The Best Street Style Photos From The Spring  2024 Show In Taipei.  It’s happening in the year 2023 Oct,17 the photograph is by Lee Shou Chih The article talks about how the city of Taipei is a haven for neutrals But this year the models were popping out with a lot of light colors which is one of the street style trends from New York, London, Milan, and Paris. Taylor Swift street style went for a more football look They wore sporty jerseys but it was mixed with pieces of Uniqlo & Marni for more of a fashionable athletic vibe. What I found out was that some models wore colorful clothing in a neutral state and some of the other models wore more of an athletic kind of outfit. I picked this article cause I like fashion so I wanted to see what else I could learn about it that I didn’t already know.

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November 21, 2023 4:10 pm

I found your post about fashion intriguing. I myself am a bit of fashion novice and I love street wear. However, I’ve never heard of Taylor Swift street wear and would love for more explanation. One critique I have is what do you mean by Taipei being the “city of neutrals.” If you could add some explanation on this topic, the post would be stronger.

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