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Today, electioneering is more than just holding rallies for prospective voters and phone banking for Bernie (he can still win guys I swear). No, in this day and age, politics is a far more sinister campaign to undertake. Dishonesty comes from above with election fraud and below with voter fraud. Character assassinations attack otherwise palpable candidates and disenfranchise voters into a cynical apathy. The water of today’s presidential election has been muddied and bloodied, and it very well may be that nothing will ever restore confidence in our government. In this uncertain time, our nation cannot afford to ignore any crisis.


Today I come to you with only one crisis currently menacing our republic: voter fraud. Voter fraud concerns the occurrence of dishonorable actions during the democratic process, including illegal registration, identity fraud, and even the intentional miscount of voter ballots. America, the cradle of modern democracy, cannot be allowed to succumb to subversion so far-reaching. It is our duty as Americans to be protect the liberty of ourselves and our fellowmen, so I bring this issue to light so that we may work to resolve it.


First and foremost, voter fraud is a divisive topic. Some claim it isn’t as large an issue as people make it out to be, like Justin Levitt in his Washington Post blog. Levitt has even gone so far to say that controversial voter ID laws don’t even address the right form of fraud. On the other hand, someone like Matthew Vadum points to the massive occurrence of unlawful voter registrations in his blog, and especially points the finger at Democrats—whether or not one believes him is beyond my perception. Personally, I’m more inclined to believe Vadum. He points to massive registration movements such as Motor Voter and its associated mail-registration, accusing them of illegally registering non-citizens in the United States to vote. He has the conspiracy to back it up too, even mentioning the ever-so-infamous George Soros. It’s a fascinating read.


There exists a population within the U.S that believes that most modern presidential elections have been rigged or otherwise frauded into being. There is evidence to suggest that this either is or isn’t the case, but we Americans must search for it. Fraud and subversion have no place in our republic, so to conclude, I implore that you do the research. Apathy is the breeding ground for many of the crises we see today, and voter fraud is simply a symptom of a systemic infection. I believe that we may defeat fraud and other crises, but it can only be done at the grassroots level. Thank you.



  1. Adrian 4 years ago

    Hey Connor,
    This was a very interesting take on voter fraud which many people believe is a thing and many think it is a myth. Of course, there will always be attempts to cheat an anything whether it comes to school, games, sports, and even voting. But I really don’t think voting fraud would cause to much of an impact if it actually exists. I wouldn’t be too convinced if it was a big problem unless there was conclusive evidence and cases of it occurring.

  2. Blake 4 years ago

    Voter fraud is a real thing and I think using a drivers licence as ID would be great because then all people would get one vote and would be regulated to stop cheaters. This would not be expensive for voters and poorer people could still get it.

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