This unexpected virus has stopped people from enjoying everyday things such as family gatherings, going to amusement parks, attending concerts, and other things. And although many still travel through car, train, or other ways of transportation, traveling on an airplane has drastically decreased and has even been stopped in some places.

But just because airlines are not allowing people to travel right now, that hasn’t stopped others from “virtually traveling” on a fake airplane. According to Upfront’s latest magazine issue titled, “Flights to Nowhere” a company in Tokyo has taken advantage of this situation. They allow people to buy “airline tickets” and sit in a seat, as if they were on a real plane. They also get to buy airline food and once they arrive to their destination, they get to use virtual reality to explore the place a bit.

Most of the people that participate in this are travelers and love sightseeing, would you participate in something like this?



  1. Alondra Rodriguez 3 months ago

    Dear Diana, I have took the time to read your statements about virtually traveling and I have found it very interesting oh how creative people are with technology. I am happy to hear that airlines are still working and that the people working there are employed. I am also surprised people would like to travel even if its virtually. I would personally would to travel to a place in person.

  2. Anna 3 months ago

    Dear Diana,
    I was intrigued by your post from the start because of the title as I know many things are virtual now, but I did not think virtual travel was. But I kept reading because I liked your report on the company in Tokyo making this a ‘reality’ and providing a way for people to travel. One thing that stands out for me is the question you pose at the end, “would you participate in something like this” because I believe it sparks a conversation beyond your post. I like how it makes the reader ponder if they would or not (I would travel virtually!). Your post calls on my dream to travel and makes me wonder if this is going to be the new way to see the world. I have always wanted to travel around the world, but have never been able to and this seems like a probable solution. However, I and most likely others would still like to see different places in person and to experience the adventure fully. Thank you for your post, and I hope to read more from you soon as your insight on this topic is appreciated. I am glad you chose this topic as I would not have known about this before, and I hope you keeping choosing to report on information that is unknown!

  3. Cindy Reynosa 3 months ago

    Dear Diana, I have took the time to read your statements about virtually traveling and I have found it very interesting. This whole pandemic situation has started because of China and and started out there but it is crazy how they are finding a way to make money out of it. I found this topic very interesting and hope to read more about it, Thank You Diana.

    • Rosa 3 months ago

      Dear diana,
      Your post grabbed my attention and i took my time to read it. Your post is very interesting and it amazed me that we could travel virtually. i always wanted to travel around the world but like covid-19 started i haven’t had another chance travel, but sooner i will. I like the way you structured your post and how you gaved much details and how it would be great to travel virtually in this case. I see forward to see your next post.
      Sincerely Rosa

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