I’ve been going to a traditional school all my life, and have wondered for a while if online schooling would provide a better learning experience. I find the topic interesting because there are clear pros and cons for both forms of education. Online schooling provides a much more personalized experience, but doesn’t facilitate very much social interaction. Traditional schools generally provide the opposite experiences. A downside of online schooling would be a lot of teachers out of jobs, and the possibility for a difficult transition from traditional to online. Could these side effects be worth it? That is exactly what I hope to answer through my research. In order to stay fair, I will actively search for each side’s arguments. Actively avoiding misconstruing the opinions of any side will also be a priority of mine. What’s your opinion on the topic? Do you have any good articles for me to read on the topic?

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November 21, 2017 3:53 pm

Dear Matthew,
My opinion on virtual schooling is more on the negative side. I believe that online school is way worse than traditional school. Online school doesn’t provide the social support as well as the authority of a traditional school. In online schooling you don’t get the support from your teachers that you may need. In traditional school the teachers are more focused on the assignments and give more authority about due dates and timing than a online school.
The article, THE PROS AND CONS OF ENROLLING YOUR CHILD IN VIRTUAL SCHOOL, by Molly Thornberg helps both side of the argument. Thronberg wrote this article for a website named Babble. Babble is created by Disney and quotes many other sources to provide evidence gives evidence to support both sides of the argument. The article gives both the pros and cons of the argument. Both sides of the argument is well supported. https://www.babble.com/tech/virtual-school-pros-cons/

Hailey Wuerz

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