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In the article, “Is Video Gaming a Sport?” I learned that almost 100 million people watched one of the biggest video game competitions, the 2019 League of Legends World Championship. These types of video game tournaments are also known as esports or electronic sports. Esports has become popular and grew to 495 million people worldwide in 2020. Due to the amount of popularity this has got there has been a recent debate on whether esports gaming is a sport. The esports league high school founder and a physical education graduate specialist discuss video games and which ones should be considered sports. 

I think this topic is very controversial. This topic can go in two ways: you either believe video gaming is a sport or you don’t. Video games train brains into improving reflexes, strategic thinking, multitasking ability, and attention spans. Just like any other sport these video game competitions can help pay for your college tuition. Sports are physical and require exercise strengthening that improves your muscles, mental health, memory, learning, and improves many health benefits. A racing heart from a stressful gaming situation and a racing heart from an experience during exercise are different because of the heart rate spikes and blood pressure. Although there are many reasons supporting each side of this debate I believe video games should not be considered sports because it is not a physical. 

Do you believe video games should be considered sports? 

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