In the article, “War Games” it mentions that in Afghanistan that is widely known for a country that has a never ending war life, has become an environment that kids find playing war games as a distraction. It is actually ironic for kids who live in an environment that typicaly in a war zone but find violent war games as a distraction when it is their reality. The younger generations and generations that have been in this violent area have forgotten the time were peace was established, which is a gut-wrenching feeling to realize that you have no memory of peace in that country. Afghanistan, known as a country to be in a war life environment has been in a war for more than 40 years now; which the most recent conflict was in 2001. The US answered to the 9/11 terrorist attack that was made by the Al Qaeda leaders that had operated in Afghanistan.

For younger generations to find some sort of comfort in violent video games, can seen strange but in their minds it is seen as a distraction to the reality they live in. It seems as they are not getting bothered in living in such a harsh environment, kinda like they are normalizing the violence.

What do you do to find comfort in a chaotic environment?

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July 19, 2021 12:52 pm

Dear Monserrat, I’m really interested in your post, and how you correlated real life with video games (I thought that was cool). To answer your question from the article, what I find to be comforting in chaotic situations would be video games. I believe video games to be used as something to escape from reality, For example you can use it as something to forget all your problems for a brief amount of time or to just have fun. Now the reason why I like video games even though It can make me angry and frustrated is because it provides a challenge on my thinking skills, my reaction speed, and even my memory depending on what game I’m playing of course. All in all I just really liked your post and It grabbed my attention when I read video games.

Harry Brake
Reply to  Caleb
July 19, 2021 2:22 pm

Nicely stated Caleb, I agree with al of the above. Just as with other things, there are stereotypes people have about gaming. Great topic Monserrat!

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