June 22, 2016

To whom this may concern,

The armed forces of the United States are the biggest and strongest force in the world. Our closest competitors are China and Russia, even then, they are still incomparable to us. These men and women risk their lives so we can keep ours. Knowing so, it is important that those who serve our country are very well taken care of. Every day more than 22 veterans take their own lives due to the suffering of post traumatic stress disorder. One third of all homeless people are veterans. Along with being homeless and suffering from PTSD, not all but some veterans have become alcoholics and drug abusers.

I am from a city named Baldwin Park located in the Los Angeles County. Every summer I go to work with my dad in Los Angeles City and have witnessed some awful cases of homeless veterans. It is awful to think that someone could fight for our country for 10 years just to end up living in the streets struggling to survive. I believe that veteran care is a topic that deserves much more attention in the United States. Our government should focus more on the fact that our heroes are being left to live on the streets. One major way to ensure that our veterans are being well taken care of is to automatically have them enrolled in veteran affairs. VA is a great example of how our soldiers can be ensured great care. Although it is not much of a help if a veteran is not willing or does not have the time to enroll in it. Therefore, if they are automatically enrolled they will not have to worry about the application process.

Another way to improve the care for veterans is require them to have a counselor that they will meet with at least once a week. Even though most people do not like to share or talk about what they feel, this is a very huge way that veteran care could be enhanced. When you think about it, no one in the world can truly determine what is going through our minds. Talking about the way you feel is a huge way to relieve stress, but some may not know this because they have never tried it. One can only imagine what goes through the mind of a veteran that has experienced being in combat. Having them talk about what they feel or fear and getting feedback from someone who is a professional could have a huge impact. It could possibly save a life. Studies have shown that a top reason soldiers and veterans have taken their lives is due to emotional distress. This emotional distress could possibly be relieved when having a professional to express it to.

I can only suggest these changes to you, however, now that you have read my opinions I hope you consider either of them. They could save the lives of the men and women who saved ours and continue to do so. They deserve to be cared for to the most possible extent. They were brave enough to risk their lives for us we should be brave enough to make a change for them.



Alejandra Almaraz

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