Valerie’s Shadow Box by Valerie

September 26, 2018


Valerie’s Shadow Box

Shadow Box Artist Statement

Valerie Rodriguez


This shadow box represents me by showing different parts of my identity. The inside shows counter narratives which means it comes from my life experiences. Meanwhile, the outside shows dominant narratives by saying some slurs and stereotypes said towards my identity. As you can see on the inside I am not dangerous and neither is my family. My assigned identities are being Mexican and female. My chosen identities are being an ally to the LGBTQ + community and being female. When people see me they might scan me and think about how I look. People might look at my body type/features and others might think about what personality traits I have. Many people believe all females are the same and are emotional wrecks but that’s not true. We have the same strength as any other gender and aren’t different just because we have different body parts. By being a Mexican female I am automatically put into a category of being a chola. I see myself as a proud Mexican female who stands up for others by using my words as my weapons.