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November 3, 2020 3:51 am

Madelyn, I like how you started your essay with American values and rights. I agree with you that rights are not necessarily equal as we are told. Fighting for equality until we attain unity as a country is crucial. Additionally, I like how you referenced multiple sources throughout your essay. Thank you for your writing, it was a good read.

November 3, 2020 3:08 am

This was a great essay to read. I liked how you mentioned that Americans share values so that we can make it a better place for everyone. I agree with you about how everyone needs to have the same rights and opportunities to be successful in life. Lastly, I also liked the article about asking teenagers what they think, so we can see what kids think and not just adults.

October 22, 2020 3:14 am

In your article, I found it interesting how you brought up getting involved in our government when we’re young. The article you used from the New York Times about what teenagers think America stands for definitely made it easier to connect with the article as a whole. What you wrote about what other people our age think about freedom and equality made the article more meaningful. This also makes me wonder how young people in other countries exercise their own freedoms. Some information about this could be found in this UNICEF article: https://www.unicef.org/files/Every_Childs_Right_to_be_Heard.pdf.

October 21, 2020 2:07 am

In your essay I really like how you say we as Americans have shared values and want to create a better nation for us all. We shouldn’t take our freedoms for granted. Its very crucial that we create an envirnment of fairness and equal oppurtunity.

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