The Upstander Project was a project were we choose a topic we wanted to talk about and try to create a change for. My project was about domestic violence which is a topic I am passionate about and is something personal for me as upstanders we took many actions. For example, we presented to middle schoolers about domestic violence and it went well. The other action we took was posting our proposal to youth voices and we got positive comments on it.

Being an upstander to me means standing up for what you think is right and taking the right actions to create a change “tipping point”. It also, means believing in yourself that you can create a change and do something about the issue. Educating is also part of being an upstander and having new allies along the way and bringing your community together.

During this project what I learned about myself as a student and a person is that I can create a change if I put my mind to it and I also learned that when it is something I am passionate about I really put my mind to it and try. As well, this project help me be a better presenter because I knew what I was talking about and I learned you can add your own experience and learnings to your work.

What I learned as a upstander is when thinking about actions to take think about how big of an impact will your action have and who it will influence etc. Something else that I learned is that the sky is your limit and there is endless possibilities. They are also obstacles along the way so be prepared and always remember you can overcome all obstacles.

My next steps are to keep raising awareness about this issue because this topic is very important to me and very personal. I also, want to keep raising awareness little by little so then one day domestic violence numbers lower as a whole all over the world. I would also like to stop domestic violence and maybe help someone who is a victim in some way whether that’s giving money food shelter etc.

My advice to other upstander students looking to create a change is keep trying and never give up every action counts even the littlest things. Use your communities find allies that will help you and just be determined about what you are doing. Make plans and stick to them and start of local helping out your community and if possible expand.

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