My project was about teen pregnancy and teen parenting. In my opinion what an upstander mean to me is a person that wants to make a change but there will be obstacles in your way because not everyone stand for your topic and some people want to make you quite but you got to find ways to stay an activist and also still want to let people know what your fighting for. Something I learned about myself was that when I get real passionate about you can’t stop me from doing what I think is right and this was a really good project for me to show people even thought it got unprofessional at some point in time. I learned that if you have the right people in your corner your can do big things and get lots of support if your not getting off topic of what your fighting for. Well talking amongst my group we want to keep going with our project because what we have is a very important topic with so much stigma against it so just shinning light onto it would be good for the community. If i was to give advise to next year upstanders i would say don’t let your anger and emotions get in the way of what your trying to fight for because people would see that and wouldn’t want to support your topic anymore because they see how your emotions get in the way of your passion.

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May 10, 2019 1:17 am

Hi Kalani, I love your idea of helping teen moms because it is a much more common thing in our society these days. Do you think that the best way to help them is give them baby supplies or do you feel like these girls could be helped before the fact and aid them with contraceptive methods? I think that this topic is hard to deal with because of the stigma around it that you mentioned but no matter what it is always going happen, do you think that the amount of teen pregnancy today is a good thing or should we try to lower the amount of teen pregnancy? I love your idea of an instagram about teen moms, that would give them a really great way to connect with other teen moms and create a better support system. Way to be an up-stander!!

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