The main topic of our project was mental health, stereotypes and stigma. Our Project was about how we can become upstanders and stand up a topic that we dearly care about. Also making actions on what a real upstander would do in real life, and have the experience how to be one. What an upstander means to me now is standing up and speaking out for something you care about, and not letting your topic be unimportant or not noticed. By doing that upstanders do any way of effective action about their topic to make sure you get a lot of attention as possible for the audience to support their cause. What I learned myself as a student in this project is that I learned how to be educated on important things that can be useful towards my life. Also can be teached on how the progress of a school topic goes, with clear instructions and understanding what to do. What I learned as an upstander is that I was able to express my feelings more towards society. Also having experience and what it feels like to be an upstander and or activist. I’ve also learned that it was really hard and challenging to get people’s attention to focus in our topic, and that some types of action can be really effective or not effective. Nothing is going to fail in an upstander eyes and that they will keep going with determination until they make make their topic be more heard and spread. Next steps I would like to take as an upstander for our topic is that me and my group hopefully get our topic more spread and get further of the boundaries of life academy,  and get the attention of people outside the school to support our topic. By doing this also creating change towards the progress of action so our actions can be remembered and can lead more to a change of mindset. Advice for upstanders and upcoming upsanders is that don’t give up on what you are standing up for. There are going to be huge obstacles coming your way and it’s going to be a challenge but don’t let that mess you up! you can do it and it will be worth it!

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May 15, 2019 1:07 am

Mental health has become one of the biggest issues happening at this time and age. I think adding statistics to your project could help benefit in the sense that we are able to see when it started to get worse as well as how it progressively is getting worse, if that is the case. Also writing some of the causes of mental health issues as well as how it affects you day to day. Maybe you can even interview someone going through these issues today or anyone who has overcome it. But other than that great work kimberly.

May 14, 2019 7:54 pm

I think that mental health has gotten a much bigger spotlight in the last few years and I think that your project would gain a lot from noticing that and adding more to it. I know that I can’t see your poster and that this might have been something that you already did, but I genuinely think that it really helps a lot of projects to notice the time that they are taking place in. So, instead of talking about what you did to help spread awareness to mental health as a singular example, you could use a lot of the examples that have occurred in the limelight to show that you aren’t the only one to spread this information, but what you are doing to add to this information and how you add to this at your local level.

May 14, 2019 2:40 pm

Howdy, Kimberly!

I love your opinion on the situation of upstanders that if we make changes we may make progress. One example of these is the ecofriendly posts supporting the planting of trees that became prevalent on social media things like “100 likes = 1 tree” gives awareness to the environment.

Though my goal is small, we would like you to support my petition!

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