Dear Gun Business Owners:

It seems like the Gun violence has increased among other issues, right? We are here to tell the business that sell guns that Guns should not be used for any reason, especially as an act of homicides or anything else relatable. We want more people to adhere to this proposal so that gun violence goes down and humans and will not possess guns  and  attempt Gun violence. If humans understand that guns are not beneficial, than we can have the mind to change our situation and get rid of guns, starting with these businesses. 

Based on research, the sale of guns has increased homicides through time, causing deaths, and manipulating others into gun purchasing.

Year to year, more firearms are used and day to day, more deaths are occured by Gun violence. This situation must be either reduced or impediments need to be made to stop gun use because if it increases, there more likely be homicides. We want to make sure gun violence doesn’t increase and is illicit or else the people will adapt to this violence through more threats. In this situation, in an article “America’s Gun Business Is $28B. The Gun Violence Business Is Bigger.”by Elizabeth MacBride, she explained that, “Gun homicides increased 31%, from 11,008 shooting deaths in 2014 to 14,415 in 2016. In 2011, there were 467,300 nonfatal victimizations, like rapes, robberies and aggravated assaults, committed with guns.”(MacBride) As said in the article, the homicide levels have increased from 2014 to 2018 but that’s not the most important fact. It is that there have been other acts such as rapes, assaults that were involving guns. So not only the increase of Gun homicides but also the fact that other life threatening issues need Firearms as a way to force humans to evolve these world issues, meaning that Firearms are very powerful weapons and can be used in any situation to make humans cower. Therefore, homicides would go down if Gun Business owners or changed their business to not sell guns.

Not only is homicides a problem, but as long as there are businesses selling guns, there will be people who think it is “cool” and ok to buy guns. This especially affects young people. Not only is the increase of Gun violence a problem but the number of people using guns is growing. They are adapting to a world with guns and being manipulated by it As in “Does Gun Violence Infect Communities Like a Blood-Borne Pathogen?”, by Rod Mccullom, says that, “GunBehavior is contagious” and that, “the “disease” of gun violence might be considered less like an airborne bug, and more like a virus spread through direct personal contact.”(Mccullom) By saying this, it is connecting to a virus, spreading from person to person. This issue is having people, even youth, having the thought that guns are positive, licit and are not a threat. But on the contrary they are not. 

This issue has caused loss of loved ones and those who are innocent, therefore losing many others who are living their life peacefully. If there were a solution to this, we, citizens, would have the right to do actions by any means to stop Gun Violence.

We decided to create a survey about Gun violence and attach our own questions to collect our own data. We surveyed people to know which ones would attempt to participate in any Gun violence act. We surveyed 15 residents, teenagers, and everyone but two live in Oakland, and for our first question, it gave a chance to say their personal opinion on their experience with firearms. We asked if they have ever witnessed any acts of Gun violence in their life, as a result, 4 of those people have witnessed Gun violence about 2 times in their life, 3 of them have once, and 6 have not witnessed. For the next question, we asked if any of their family members own a gun, as a result, 2 people said 2 of their family members own a gun, 1 of them said they have one family member that owns a gun, and 6 people said that none of their family members have any access to guns. After that, we asked if they attempted to purchase a firearm, as a result, 6 of them said no, 1 was impartial, and 5 said they would consider purchasing a firearm.The next questions asked if there should be any strict laws about buying any firearm, as a result, 100% said that there should be strict laws about purchasing any guns. The last question asked if guns should be sold at all, as a result, 66.7% of people said that it depends, while 8.3% of them said yes and no. Overall, based on the data we collected, half of these respondents may attempt to participate in any Gun violence issue.

Figure 2: This bar graph shows the range of those who have witnessed gun violence in their life. It seems that the highest times that were witnessed were two times. 

Figure 3: This bar graph shows the range of those whose family members own guns.

It seems that the highest number is two, meaning that that is the number of guns someone’s family members have.

Figure 4: This bar graph shows the range of those who would attempt to buy a gun.

It seems that half of the people would buy guns and half of them won’t.

Figure 6: This pie chart tells us people’s opinions about there being strict laws about buying guns. It shows us that 100% of the people choose yes as an answer.

Figure 5: This pie chart shows the opinions of the people. As you can see on the bar graph, people mostly agree that it may depend.

Based on our data and research, it is very conspicuous that we should not be selling Firearms at all no matter what, and due to the increase of Gun violence through time, there should be an end to it.

AIM #1: Virtual: Empower those that have no clue on this issue so that we can gain power over the oppressors.

Giving others knowledge about this nightmare can give them power to contradict those who are on the negative side of this issue. We can hand out fliers to people with a bit of our voice just to preview the impact. For that reason, we can spread information to those who are not full of knowledge by this so that we can make them see the bright side of this issue so we can all disregard it(the agreement of Gun usage) . Sooner, we can congregate, and come up to consensus that Guns should not be sold at all. What is the point of purchasing a firearm if from my perspective, is only used in lethal ways, causing deaths, homicides, suicides, and more. To do this, posting information on instagram would be one of the options. 

AIM #2: if shelter in place ends: Propaganda: Warnings to those who own a firearm or who attempt to participate in any Gun violence situation.

What we will attempt to do is share stories of those who have experience with firearms before so that we can also give some warning or regret from owning firearms. It is important that we keep on giving information about this so-called “virus” so that we can come up with a cure. Having people with us is important because if we do it alone, we won’t reach our goal, so we need to do it very concerted in order for people to join our side. We need others to feel the pain that we feel everyday knowing that people are dying by firearms, that includes, youth, mass shootings and anything related to Gun violence issues. To do this, posting on instagram, facebook, or youtube can be a great idea to get people’s attention.

AIM:# 3: Boycott: Fill Gun stores with shame and disgrace. 

If the business does not hear us and does not change, then we will also cause an issue until justice is served. A boycott is a way to bring down this nightmare and will help us diminish this tragedy. Not only that but we have the right as humans to protest as much as we want for the issue to be reduced. As with this quarantine, will help reduce sickness and deaths, same as a protest, will help us and the community to stop this issue. Walking, marching, protesting, carrying signs is very effective because of the reasons we have to end this disaster and for those who own firearms, can not use them against us because they will face consequences later on. There is no point in using firearms, nor killing, hunting, or any revenge purposes. They are not allowed to purchase or own firearms by any means.So by doing this a boycott will be one of the best decisions. 

Thanks for following through this and hope we make a change in the future. It is highly important that we keep on climbing the ladder to hope all together and if people are left behind, we will never earn that hope.

Work cited

MacBride, Elizabeth. “America’s Gun Business Is $28B. The Gun Violence Business Is Bigger.” Forbes, Forbes Magazine, 25 Nov. 2018,

McCullom, Rod, et al. “Does Gun Violence Spread Like a Blood-Borne Pathogen?” Undark Magazine, 30 Sept. 2019,

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