This is our presentation on Unwind by Neal Shusterman. The ideology this book holds is that people under 18 should listen to adults / their parents, or they’ll die. This first started after the Heartland war. They made the Bill of Life, as a peace treaty which allowed unwinding / storking to be legal. Storking is when a mother drops off their baby on someone’s home, and never has to take care of it, as long as they dont get caught. Unwinding is when someone is dismembered and their body parts are donated to someone that needs it. They say that you don’t die, you just live in another form. They don’t die because their memory are stored in muscles / their cells, so technically their memory lives on. Connor is one of the main characters and he was sent to get unwound in November, while his family is on vacation in the Bahamas. He ran away before he was sent to a harvest camp. Risa is an orphan that lived in an orphanage type of place. She was sent to be unwound because they had to get rid of 5% of their teens, in order to make space for more orphans. Just like Connor, she ran away to live. Lev is a tithe, and he was born to get unwound. His family gives 1/10 to the church, so they ‘donate’ their 10th child to get unwound. He was taken as a hostage by Connor, and as he was taken from him, he later learned that his life matters and he can live. He also later turned himself into a clapper. Clappers are suicide bombers that explode when they clap. They inject something in their blood that causes explosion when they clap / punch. This book shows oppression because adults oppress youth by not giving them a chance to live. They show ageism because oppression is only faced towards people under the age of 18. Besides parents, the police also show oppression because they capture run away unwinds. They also refer to unwinds as ‘rats’, like they’re nothing.

The change that we want to make is have our teammate runs for president in order to make a law that’ll stop unwinding. While he’s running for president, our other teammate while be tearing over the walls in harvest camps, to free the unwinds. Something else we’ll be doing is use social media to our advantage as a form of communication. We’ll use social media to let our voices be heard. Doing this, we hope to gain support to vote for our teammate. We’ll also use the news channel, like having unwind survivors go on tv and allow them to tell their story, and probably gain more support to stop hate from happening. Something else we’ll do is strike against unwounding until our teammate is president and changes the law to better support the youths. All unwounds that were in harvest camps will be sent back to their families.

Something that can go wrong is that someone else runs for president, and they’ll better persuade people that unwounding is good, and that it saves lives. Something else that can go wrong is that the unwounds that we free, riot, and out harvest camps to flame. This isnt good because then unwounds will be seen as violent and more as criminals.

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May 2, 2019 7:52 pm

Hello Matthew, I am filled with shock and sadness that there is something like the Bill of Life exist here in America. Like you, I believe that everyone especially young teens deserve to live their lives without any worries. It’s interesting that you pointed out that the book talks about youth oppression because as children move into their adolescent years, they do receive pressure from all types of directions, and they don’t get the opportunity to live for themselves. On top of that, adults not giving them the chance to live provides a lesser chance for young teens to experience their autonomy which is extremely important during this time. However, on a more positive note, I am glad that you and your team are pushing this issue publicly and spreading awareness to the community so they can be educated about it and hopefully, join the force to end this violence once and for all.

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