Introduction/Personal story

Whenever I am bored in class and daydreaming, I daydream about music. Specifically, me on a stage, playing an extremely hard trombone solo. Or sometimes I dream about playing a saxophone or a trumpet, but mostly trombone. What all of the daydreams have in common is that when I finish the solo, the crowd goes absolutely crazy. 

Whenever I have these daydreams I smile. I don’t even realize it most of the time. I smile because I can’t wait to achieve those dreams. I have these daydreams every single day. My brain always wants to play music. I always have this urge to play my heart out to music. This all would not be possible without determination. I don’t know what I would do without determination. Determination is everything for me. Not just for me, you too. 

I didn’t even have the determination to write this until I finished. I feel proud of myself. At first I did not have the determination to do music. I cannot tell you so many times I wanted to quit. I was so determined to learn music. I remember the first time I held my trombone. I could not make a note. I am almost in high school and have hopes and dreams of having a solo.

There is no determination to start doing something I want to do for the first time. It’s hard to start. I cannot tell you how often I wanted to give up on my music career. Determination is a physiological emotion that can severely control one’s thoughts. I sometimes wish when I am doing something, literally anything (trombone, homework, etc) I wish someone was standing right behind me, over my shoulder cheering me on. It’s the motivation that keeps me going.

Determination and Mental Disorders

Unfortunately, there are many mental illnesses that remove the feeling of determination or motivation from the human mind. For example, depression is an extremely common mental illness in teens and young adults. About 1 in 10 adults will experience an extreme period of depression at least once in their life. These depressive periods can last weeks, months, or in severe cases, years. While suffering from depression or any other depressive disorder, people become upset easily, they don’t want to do fun things like they usually do, and they are always tired and moody. These symptoms lead to a lack of motivation,and doing daily things( showering, brushing teeth, cooking, etc).          

Achieving Your Dream

Motivation periods are more common in teens than anything, because the hormones are developing and the body is changing. Motivation is our natural human function and it is the way our body does work. You may not realize, but motivation is in our daily lives, and when motivation is absent, we become depressed.  

Most people do more dreaming than doing. Some people wish that they had a successful business and made billions off of it. Or some people wish they had an expensive car, house or clothes. But most people do not have the motivation to achieve these. They dream, and dream, and dream of wonderful ideas instead of taking the steps to achieve their dream. Pushing one’s self to its limit is key to achieving your dream. It is not easy, and that’s why most people do not have the motivation to take steps to achieve their dream.

Achieving a dream is like walking up a staircase. One by one, you keep pushing until you get to the top. The most common reason people lack motivation to do things is they look at the entire staircase rather than each individual step. Looking at the entire staircase at once creates an illusion that the task is much bigger than it actually seems. Looking at each individual step creates an illusion that the task is easier, and the dopamine cells in the human brain activate and work hard to get the task done.


We all have a desire to learn. A desire to excel at something, or in my purpose, that is music and instruments. I don’t know how to explain the feeling of motivation, but I feel like my life purpose was based on music. Although you might get some hate for what you love, the last thing you want to do is listen to them. Never let their mindset influence your determination. Determination comes from the soul. Your mindset is your attitude and motivation, next time you don’t want to do a daily task, remember, your mindset is the key to getting things done.

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March 23, 2023 11:51 pm

I can relate to feeling determined, and especially your introductory paragraph. I have music related goals as well.

March 23, 2023 11:06 pm

The quote that stood out to me the most was “depression is an extremely common mental illness in teens and young adults.”. This quote highlights how common depression is through teenagers and how it mentally impacts many of us.

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