Jose Cerrano


Period 4



Unknown and confusing


I feel that I am an unknown person Hard to understand for sure a bit unstable but im alright.

I am also very unstable person have reactions that are non rasional say thing that i mean the brutally honest way Cerrano is the name that i am proud to have

I know my actions will defy what my name means to other people know that my name is a name that future generations will judge .My actions impact the legacy of my name just like the people before me that had my last name .Their legacy is remembered by me I will honor them by passing on their name.

Leaving good judgement with it. I know that I am an aggressive person but found a natural way of letting go I found a passion for boxing  I enjoy it as a sport and find myself occupied with hitting the punching bag and sparring. My personality is unchangeable and I learned accept who I am  as a person and I am proud of the type of person that I am. The way I think and my actions have been useful to me as a person having trust issues has saved me from a lot of unnecessary problems and being aggressive has helped me reach my goals many times going over my limit and getting what I wanted. I like to think that I am not overly aggressive and can’t think straight everyone has their issues and I guess that it is one of mine. At least I am self aware of what my downsides are which is hard for some people to acknowledge and that I won’t change as  a person. It’s what makes me unique I got my perks and my cons and i’ve learned to live with them yeah i’m struggled in the past trying to see what type of person that I am my true desires. In all honesty I don’t know what i’m looking for and I like it that way I like things that are unexpected it makes life more enjoyable just go with the flow. Maybe giving up on what I want will help me find some peace It was probably toxic to me in the first place. But I guess I cant help the gamble for it.

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March 24, 2018 6:40 am

Dear Jose,
I liked this peice it was very you! Well I know the type of person that you are and this wasn’t such a surprise to me. But what did surprise me was you actually opening up and being more understanding of yourself. I am proud of you, hope you write more!

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