Uniforms aren’t needed by Dominic

January 21, 2020


Uniforms aren’t needed

Schools argue that uniforms are helpful in many different ways, such as the focus of their educations and not their apparel. They argue that uniforms help prevent bullying and that uniforms prevent the display of gang-related colors. Every one of these arguments is false.

Uniforms have nothing to do with how much attention a student gives during class, a student who wants to learn will dedicate their time to learning and paying attention. Never have I seen or heard of anyone who is incapable of learning due to clothes. Uniforms are just another reason for schools to discipline students.

Uniforms cannot hide your personality“, which also goes to say that uniforms do not prevent bullying. Bullying is a massive topic, there are multiple reasons for bullying, yes, apparel is a reason for bullying but there are so many other reasons to bully someone for and its not okay, but in all actuality, uniforms are never going to stop bullying.

Gangs have been around forever and will continue to be around. Nobody will ever be capable of stopping gangs from forming, that goes to prove that uniforms may stop kids from wearing gang-related colors but it won’t stop them from joining gangs.