Schools argue that uniforms are helpful in many different ways, such as the focus of their educations and not their apparel. They argue that uniforms help prevent bullying and that uniforms prevent the display of gang-related colors. Every one of these arguments is false.

Uniforms have nothing to do with how much attention a student gives during class, a student who wants to learn will dedicate their time to learning and paying attention. Never have I seen or heard of anyone who is incapable of learning due to clothes. Uniforms are just another reason for schools to discipline students.

Uniforms cannot hide your personality“, which also goes to say that uniforms do not prevent bullying. Bullying is a massive topic, there are multiple reasons for bullying, yes, apparel is a reason for bullying but there are so many other reasons to bully someone for and its not okay, but in all actuality, uniforms are never going to stop bullying.

Gangs have been around forever and will continue to be around. Nobody will ever be capable of stopping gangs from forming, that goes to prove that uniforms may stop kids from wearing gang-related colors but it won’t stop them from joining gangs.

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August 26, 2022 9:09 pm

Dear Dominic

I really liked that when you were talking about gang colors and said, ¨Uniforms cannot hide personalities¨ because of how strong it sounds when being used. When students wear clothing most are not gang related or infiliated.

Clothing cannot hide what actions you do or words you say diffrently once you are known no cothing can change you. Wearing uniforms was not my favroite because it ruined my style and i couldn´t tell myself to anyone apart. We are all the same looking with clothes but other people are happier or angrier than others.

All in all this was very strong to write and a topic i like reading about very much.

January 26, 2022 1:47 pm

Uniforms show how much you have grown as a person and how you are able to follow rules without breaking them. Also, they give the impression that the student is representing his or her school well by showing respect towards others and their teachers in the classroom. I think it is good move to go uniform free for students and teach them in casual dress. Well, I’ve read article which guide me about the completion of research paper and as a student, I was considering this a hectic job.

September 30, 2021 4:29 pm

Dear Dominic:

I am impressed with your post, “Uniform aren’t needed” because you identified the best points about uniforms and their significance in different aspects of how people see uniforms being used. I think it is impressive how you state that uniforms don’t really get rid of negativity when students are wearing them or are the answer to solving the bad. 

One sentence that you wrote that stood out to me was, “Nobody will ever be capable of stopping gangs from forming, that goes to prove that uniforms may stop kids from wearing gang-related colors but it won’t stop them from joining gangs.” I totally agree with this statement because it is true that when implementing uniforms in school will not take away the mentality of someone who will still think that joining a gang is right. 

Thank you for your very well-typed post. I look forward to reading what you post next because I believe that you will be right on point with whatever your opinion will be on another topic. I look forwards to it. 


Reply to  Ruendi
August 26, 2022 9:11 pm

I agree and think uniforms are just not necessary items and can hurt some families who can barely pass by with money.

March 18, 2020 7:29 pm

I agree with you and I think the uniforms have minimal purpose for students. Additionally they are not comfortable on me.

January 23, 2020 5:20 pm

Dominic this was very well typed post, I agree with you and notice that uniforms don’t really serve any purpose in the school system.

January 21, 2020 9:40 pm

Dominic great post! I agree with you and personally I am not a big fan of uniforms myself. While I do see the minimal purpose they serve I feel there are less cons about uniforms than pros.

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