Unequal pay has been a severe conflict since forever. Many people thought that by 2018, this would not be a problem. Yet, this is a problem many women are facing everyday. As a women, I hope this problem is solved soon. Which made me look into this topic even more. Before starting this project, I knew that women and men are seen unequally because of stereotypes. According to social norms, women are suppose to stay home and take care of the household and their children. However, men are supposed to be working and earning money for the family. Even though it is 2018 and women with the highest educations are getting jobs, there is injustice present because men and women are unequally paid despite having the same amount of education. Additionally, this is not a recent problem because this conflict/injustice has been occurring for so long that there are associations and ideology formed such as Feminism. After working on this project, I learned how laws were passed to ensure that men and women were getting paid the same at the same workplace. One of this law is called the Equal Pay Act of 1963 that was passed by John F. Kennedy.





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