Dear President,


Over the past few years I have become very concerned with the issues are occurring in this country. This year people  have the choice to vote for a new president and have your career in their hands. Candidates that usually run make many promises knowing that they can not keep them, you can be the difference. There is a serious problem in this country that needs to be fixed immediately.


A big issue that needs to be thought about is immigration. Immigration is a big deal in this country. Every year, thousands of immigrants immigrate to the Unites States for many reasons. They come to the United States for a better life or sometimes to escape persecution. Immigrants believe in the “ American Dream”, but what is the American Dream when you are treated as a minority and are harshly stereotyped. Most immigrants are not the criminals that they have been labeled, they are  hardworking people that just come here for a better life, such as sending their children off to school to get a good education and be something in the future. How can a parent feel good about being here when they are often persecuted, and live in the fear of waking up one day and being deported, and not being able to see your family? There has to be way to give these innocent hardworking people a citizenship so that they don’t live in constant fear of being deported.


I was born in Mexico and in 2003 my parents decided that they needed to pursue a better life for all of us, so we migrated to the United States with lots of hopes and dreams of a better future. At the time I was only 3 years old and didn’t really understand how my life was going to change. Growing up in a country that I was not part of was hard, but everything got harder once I entered high school. When I entered high school I was offered help like the other student because I didn’t have a social security so I couldn’t be admitted to programs like upper bound. In 2015, I obtained a social security through Dream Act and that helped me a lot but not enough for me to get a better education.
Undocumented students do not get as many benefits as other students and that leads to stress and frustration. Going to college has always been my dream, and will continue to be so. Senior year was full of challenges because I knew that  I had no money to go to college. Seeing that other people who don’t care much about their education getting money or help frustrated me. I am not the only student who  struggles like this, there is millions of undocumented students that struggled just as much or more. We don’t get the benefits that others get. There is also not many scholarship offered  and college becomes more of a dream than reality. Many undocumented students drop out because they have no money or resources to continue. I believe the government should offer more help and services to undocumented students. They are trying to better their lives and become good citizens, for this reason they should be offered more help to complete their goals

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