Thought’s on how young women were treated during slavery.

My thoughts are on how these people feel and how everyone kind of doesn’t believe slavery was a prevalent thing. In the video,she is in Georgia, and the lady explains how black women were basically groomed and how the white men waited for the women to get their first menstrual cycle. I find this very disturbing and really sad because these are human beings, and I can’t believe all these things that black women went through.

Speaking on Oppression and police brutality.

Historically, oppressed groups have used economic boycotts as a form of protest to resist domination. For example, during the Civil Rights Movement in the United States, African Americans boycotted segregated buses, stores, and other businesses to demonstrate their economic power and demand change.

Black men have grown to fear their oppressors.This is a complex issue with deep roots in systemic racism and oppression. Black men have historically been stereotyped and criminalized in ways that have perpetuated fear and violence against them. This has been reinforced by media representations, such as news coverage that overemphasizes Black male criminality, as well as by the criminal justice system, which disproportionately targets and punishes Black men.

The phrase that stood out to me was “police brutality” because this phrase

talks about people of color and what they are going through right now. All minorities are. This makes me sad because it shows how there is white supremacy and how they think they have the most power over people.This shows a lot throughout social media and has been talked about way more frequently. It shouldn’t even be a topic but sadly it has gotten us to where we are today.

Seeing this made me very upset; the number of black lives taken by police officers is tragic. These are the people who are supposed to protect minorities, but they are killing them one by one. Watching this was devastating, and it brought up trauma from black history. 

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May 2, 2023 2:15 pm

You had effectively demonstrated an understanding of the history of economic boycotts as a form of protest and provided a relevant example from the Civil Rights Movement. The analysis then shifts to the complex issue of fear and violence against Black men, which is rooted in systemic racism and perpetuated by media representations and the criminal justice system. The writer effectively conveys their emotional response to the issue and highlights the impact of social media in bringing attention to it. Overall, this is a thoughtful and well-written analysis that demonstrates a good understanding of the issue at hand.

March 24, 2023 11:30 am

I really like your AI images, which prompts did you use? I like your tie-back to gender as well.

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