Clarke, Michael. “Ukraine War: Five Ways Conflict Could Go in 2023.” BBC News, BBC, 27 Dec. 2022,

    My Summary

    The war in Ukraine has been a complicated conflict with many people being displaced, killed, or otherwise. As the war progresses and losses keep increasing, the war is looking unsustainable for Russia. Going into 2023 BBC predicts that almost nothing will change and that the war could be won or lost based on the Russian spring offensive. If Russia fails on the spring offensive though, Ukraine will probably win back all of its lost lands. 

    AI Summary

    Military analysts predict that the conflict in Ukraine will continue until at least 2023, with Russian forces making a spring offensive and Ukrainians continuing to press the offensive in Donbas. Negotiation prospects appear bleak, but Ukraine is showing remarkable resilience, and there is the possibility of victory if Western support continues. The key battlegrounds in 2023 will be Melitopol, Svatove, and Kreminna, as Ukraine seeks to encircle Crimea and cut off the Russians’ supply and communication lines. At this point, it remains to be seen how much Ukrainian forces will be available for the offensive and when the war will finally end.

    My Summary and the AI Summary

    a. I don’t see too much bias in this as it reports where the battlefields are and even slanders Ukraine a little thought the paper. But If have to say, it leans towards Ukraine more than Russia.

    b. I like my viewpoint more than the ai’s because the Ai only reports the key battleground but never talks about the first half of the report, it only seems to highlight the end of the essay and not really the beginning at all.

    c. Why did the article not highlight any numbers (people dead each day, Russian/Ukrainian tanks destroyed, E.C.T)

    d. What are the Russians going to be able to do about the western support to Ukraine?

    e. How is NATO going to react if Ukraine falls?


    “Photos: Zelensky’s Wartime Visit to US | CNN Politics.” CNN, Cable News Network, 22 Dec. 2022,

      My Summary

      Volodymyr Zelensky, the current president of Ukraine made a visit to both houses of congress on Wednesday, December 21, 2022. He gave a speech that resonated with much of the American cultural identity. He talked about Christmas and how people in Ukraine would be celebrating compared to Americans. He used this as a clear call for more aid to Ukraine but did so in a very American way. His speech appealed to the American people and the members of congress and looking back on it, it was really successful and Zelesky got what he wanted.

      AI Summary

      Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is meeting with President Joe Biden in Washington DC to announce an additional $2 billion security assistance package for Ukraine, which includes a sophisticated air defense system. Pelosi and Vice President Kamala Harris will hold up a Ukrainian national flag signed by Ukrainian soldiers at the Capitol when Zelensky addresses Congress. This wartime visit demonstrates the continued American commitment to Ukraine and is meant to bolster Biden’s ability to maintain that support at home and abroad.

      My Summary and the AI Summary

      a. Seems like CNN reports heavily biased toward the united states and Ukraine and against Russia with it talking about the inspiring Ukrainians and president Joe Biden.

      b. I should talk more about numbers and what the meeting was about.

      c. Why did the article writer choose to do a lot of photos instead of a lot of words

      d. Will Ukraine be able to continue to get western support?

      e. Will Russia overrun Ukraine without western support?

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