Two faced Lovers


All it takes is one breath.

One breath to move on from that heartbeat of guilt.

Not only a breath but a step into the world of hate

Into the world of criticism and betrayal

Until you find that beloved person who you thought would keep you safe

But did not


She was betrayed and portrayed as an object

No emotion, or hate, or love

Just the guilt she had engraved into her soul

The pain she felt when she saw her beloved was gone but reappeared

Emotions going off as if it was a ride she couldn’t get off of

As much as it seemed that she hated her beloved no object would ever stop the feeling she had


Why did things have to be this way?

Why did they argue and hurt each other so much?

What was it all really for?

Why couldn’t they start over?

They eventually did.

Again and Again

But they got themselves both trapped in a continuous loop of feelings that they thought they forgot

But they came back with their presence each time

They remembered how much they loved each other

But they couldn’t go on

The girl ran away but little did she know it was a tragic mistake

She ran away from her emotions while her beloved one hid theirs


It was hard

She couldn’t understand

The beloved froze as she saw her run away

Run away from the person she knew was her true love

But they knew it wasn’t love they felt

It was fear

The fear that they would lose their bond

But little did they know it was already broken

A love story about a pair of two faced liars…


Two faced Lovers Artist Statment


Leslie Gaytan-Lome

My poem is set to demonstrate a modern day version of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. This poem emphasizes the strong love and bond of two people that find themselves in this continuous swirl of emotions and confusion. Romeo and Juliet cannot be together because of their families rivalry. I did not want to focus on the rivalry or the two types of worlds they had for my poem. I chose to focus on the way both Romeo and Juliet pursued their love. In this poem I chose to not use exact pronouns other than “Her” and as for the other character in my poem I used  either “beloved” or “Object” I didn’t choose to put “him” because I wanted it to be keep the emphasis on the love the two characters shared. However I decided to use the pronoun “her” to put an emphasis on female representation in writing. The two faced lovers aspect within my poem comes from the idea that Romeo and Juliet loved each-other but had to make sacrifices to be together. In my poem I portrayed this as the reason to which lies and pain are present for the girl and her beloved in my poem. My main idea was to to show their emotions, and tie their relationship together with the idea of Romeo and Juliet’s in a modern setting. Although this is the first poem that I write I wanted to make sure that I express the topics well. Writing this poem is a great experience. At first I was not going to write a poem but then I realized that I should not be scared to do things that I have never done before. I decided to try something and ended up liking it.

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