Truth about about America by Saoronn

August 29, 2017


Truth about about America

Dear Leaders of America,

My name is Saoronn Oeurn. I go to Fremont High School and i’m 16 years old. I had attend to this school for 2 years now going for 3 years. I am in the 11th grade.

When I was reading charlotte I wanted to let you know that people is getting out of hand. I had saw what happen in charlotte and I had enough with people on people crime. The KKK had a rally and other people had enough also. They made a rally that was against the KKK and the KKK members had drove thru the rally and killed 1 person and injured at least 20 people.

The solution I have is that bring a couple of KKK members to talk about why they don’t like other races and let them talk to other people that don’t have feeling on who or what they are.

I wish we all come together and be as one. No more racism, no crime, no police brutality, no gang affiliation and no drugs.

Sincerely, Saoronn Oeurn