Trophies by Juan

November 9, 2020



In the article, “Should Everyone Get A Trophy?” I learned that people have mixed feelings about giving participation trophies to the youth. Many sport programs have been rewarding trophies to athletes despite their performance. The positive of giving trophies to young athletes, is that it can help them celebrate for learning a new skill, having fun with their teammates, and as well as belonging to something bigger than themselves. Trophies can also reward those athletes that aren’t as talented as others. The negative of these participation trophies can be because it can build arrogance amongst the youth. They will tend to expect something now everytime they do something. Fun fact, Americans tend to spend $3 billion on trophies each year.

Personally, I believe that not everybody should get a trophy. Trophies should just be given to the best because it can build character and motivation for the rest. Many athletes can thank losing for their motivation to do better the next time they play. Overall, without getting a trophy for everything you do, it can make you value the time and hard work you put in when achieving that trophy.

Should Everyone Get a Trophy?