My name is Penelope Dalton, and I want to be a Trauma Surgeon. This book, by Dr. James Cole, is a perfect introduction to medicine. The chapters are a mix of storytelling and teaching about surgery, and it is a great read for anyone wanting to pursue a similar career. Dr. Cole goes into extensive detail about the surgeries he performed, and what it really means to be a physician. He talks about the struggles of being a resident, and how he constantly had to balance family and work life. The sacrifices he had to make in order to become the incredible surgeon he is cut deep and the book is filled with memorable moments and quotes showing just how challenging being a surgical resident is. Dr. Cole was also in the military and talks about how being in the military made him a better person and physician, and how 9/11 changed his life. Overall, this is an incredible book. It is filled with touching stories about family life as well as detailed accounts about surgery. There are pictures of surgeries strewn throughout the book, and I have learned more about trauma reading this than I have while watching Grey’s Anatomy. This book is an amazing read, and I strongly recommend it. It is fast-paced, and it is told from the first-person point of view, so you experience every moment of fear and apprehension firsthand. He uses very specific medical terms to show his expertise and writes each chapter like an individual book centered around surgery. This book is compelling and keeps you on the edge of your seat, and it is a book with quotes that will stay with you forever. “It has become clear to me that despite all our efforts, we mortals at times are powerless in effecting whether one lives or dies.”

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