There is a huge, monumental issue with our candidates for the presidential election this year. All opinions on issues, political topics, or ideas aside, we are dealing with complete and total jerks. Neither of them can stay focused on a real issue long enough to let us know how they feel without jumping on the other candidate and going straight for the neck as described in this article by Eliza Collins.

But possibly the worst thing to come out of this is the fact that Trump, when accused of something, starts to throw personal insults at his accusers, this article by Jose A. DelReal and Sean Sullivan goes further in depth into this.  This is not the way a President can behave and is not a sign of good leadership. This is a problem that definitely needs to be addressed if one of these people is going to become the leader of the free world, or we’re surely doomed.

Another problem with this year’s candidates is their background, they have both done so many questionable things before running for election and the presidency that it will cause many bumps in the road for them in coming weeks and months. With Trump’s comments and recordings that are coming out, Hillary’s email scandal and prior office-bungles, this will cause a huge sense of distrust between voters and the candidates.

Our political system here in the United States needs a reworking. It is not representative of the voters wants and needs and is solely for pushing agendas. We need a change quick, as this is not the world I want to inherit when I’m old enough.




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October 16, 2016 10:36 pm

I agree with all you have to say in this article. This election seems to have become a turning point in our political world, but not in a good way. The candidates are both unpopular, and through their actions, politics are becoming even more polarizing. You are right in saying that both candidates have troubling pasts. I think this is another reason this is such an interesting election to watch. Good article.

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